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   This year I have been uncharacteristically excited for Christmas. I say this because I have always been what you would classify as a Scrooge. I have carried a lackluster attitude for Christmas with me all of my life. There are reasons that I have not liked Christmas until now but they are not worth going into here. Here is why it is different this year….

   About two months ago we got the news that my mother was not going to be with us much longer. We were talking and she was going through the details and then she said something that struck me to my core. She said “I just want to make it for one more Christmas”. You see my mother is one of those people that live for Christmas. She has a snow globe collection that is out of this world. She is the lady that will break out the Christmas sweaters in July. She loves Christmas that much.

   Immediately after working out the details of her future she promptly told the kids to make their Christmas list. At this time I really expected her to be concentrating on taking care of herself. But no, she wanted to immediately start her Christmas shopping. She wanted to make sure all of her grandchildren had a happy Christmas. Her attitude also changed. A smile graced her face and there was light in her eyes as she watched the children write their lists and talk about the things they wanted for Christmas.

    I am a little dense about some things. It had taken me 42 years to figure out why my mother was such a Christmas lover. She truly enjoys giving to others. She gets joy form making others happy.  I saw it in her face and for the first time in my life I was able to see past the commercialism and glitz of Christmas and fully embrace the true meaning of Christmas myself.  

   This year I have been enjoying the Christmas music, I have already purchased most of the gifts that I want to give and am truly excited for Christmas. I guess Christmas is a choice. You choose to embrace it or not. It’s not about giving the latest and greatest on the market. I can assure you the things that I am giving this year are not, but they are from the heart. I encourage you to take a little time this season to look past the date on the calendar and embrace the meaning. We can all use a little more love in our lives. And this Christmas I choose to embrace what my mother has been trying to teach me all along. It’s my time to take up the Christmas torch and pass her love of giving to my family and friends.


Thank you for taking the time to read,

Scotty Cameron