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Kat Kountry 106 is pleased to present Scotty and Gina "Off The Charts" every Saturday from Noon until 3pm. Scotty and Gina Off The Charts is powered by the American Spirit. Just as Lewis and Clark had the desire to explore the unknown parts of the west; the S & G duo draw from this inspiration to explore, which is at the core of Off The Charts.

Join them as they delve into the lesser known parts of country music; featuring artists that you won't likely hear on the radio. Artists that are local, like Eric May, EllieMae Millencamp and Tyler and the Train Robbers, regional artists like Reckless Kelly and Levi Blom, and artists from around the country to include Whiskey Myers, Houston Bernard, Waylon and John Paycheck. You know, the good stuff that you haven't been introduced to yet.

Scotty and Gina will take this journey every Saturday afternoon from Noon till 3pm and invite you to join them for a unique and unexplored musical trek.  Scotty and Gina Off The Charts, powered by the Magic Valley's Home for Country, Kat Kountry 106!