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The universe has a funny way of making things very clear. Sometimes through experience, sometimes from loss, and sometimes through symbols. It is one of these symbolic manifestations that I would like to share now.



It's time to continue our journey to as we explore the likeness between genres of music. This week Country and Classic Rock.

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   Last week we took a journey into the realm of Folk music. This week we are going to venture into the genre of Bluegrass and.........


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  Last blog I touched on a theory that stated that there is a common thread that runs through music. A thread that bridges the genre gap and ties us all together. I have decided to call this series "Music Without Borders".  And now, the next episode.



I have had a theory that as humans we all share more in common than we have different. I have noticed this commonality in a few areas. We all want to be successful. We want our children to be successful and happy. We all eat and we all listen to music. It's the music aspect that I will be concentrating on in the next few blog entries.


    I have found a common thread between weight loss and smoking brisket.