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So I have to admit that I have done tons of interviews before. But this one got my heart racing and had me all excited.


This morning Gina and I were talking about the Question of the Day. It was about opening doors and how people felt about it. This of course led to a discussion about Manners. As a parent we always try to teach our children manners. This of course is usually followed by the ever present “Why”.  Well here is why.


  There in a new drug that has taken hold of me. I am powerless against my new addiction. I think about it all the time. In my waking hours the need to get my next fix is almost unbearable. I have dreams about how I will make my next score. What is it that has so much power over me…?


   This year I have been uncharacteristically excited for Christmas. I say this because I have always been what you would classify as a Scrooge. I have carried a lackluster attitude for Christmas with me all of my life. There are reasons that I have not liked Christmas until now but they are not worth going into here. Here is why it is different this year….


   Christmas can be a very fun time of year. Christmas can also be a very stressful time of year. I do think I have the solution for that Holiday Strain


Once again this year we had a very successful Turkey Drive. We were able to help out a total of 18 charities this year with over 1,100 turkeys. All because of the great community we live in. The donors this year are…..